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Newborn Care
Having a baby is a very special, happy, and busy time.  Your time spent at the hospital seems to be a blur.  But now you are  at home with your baby, and have lots of questions.  That's why the newborn visit is so important.  This is where  you can ask those burning questions and maybe get some sleep.
We care for children from birth to adolescence. We provide our patients with high quality  health care, personalized for their unique needs.  Our office has separate well and sick rooms, and is open  Monday through Friday  from 8:00 AM  until 5:00 PM.  During off hours, our answering service will be able to assist you, including weekends and holidays.
Well Visits
These begin shortly after birth , then at one month of age, and are suggested every two to three months until your child is two years old.  Thereafter,  a yearly visit is recommended.  During these visits your child's growth and development will be addressed, as well as  your questions and concerns.  

Vision and hearing screens, some basic laboratory tests, and immunizations will be offered at these visits.  All of which are performed in house for your convenience,  and results are available during your visit.

We are Vaccine friendly 

We understand the growing concerns with the amount and timing of vaccines. Therefore, we are open to working on a personalized schedule for your child.  One that will protect him or her, while giving you some peace of mind.